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Evidence for Action (E4A) is a five year programme which aims to improve maternal and newborn survival in six sub-Saharan countries. Funded by the UK Department for International Development, it focuses on using better information and improved advocacy and accountability to save lives in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.

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Welcome to our blog - this is where the E4A partners share news, info & updates on the project.

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Sierra Leone country team

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Sierra Leone country team

  • Dr Mohamed Yilla, Country Director
  • Austine Adeyemo, Evidence Advisor
  • Sowo Lebbie, Advocacy Advisor
  • Fatou Wurie, Communications Advisor

Mohamed and his team are supported by Sara Nam at Options


Dalan Development Consultants is the host agency for Sierra Leone

You can reach Mohamed at: m.yilla@evidence4action.net